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Overcoming The Obstacles Of A Busy Mom

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busy-mom-01Nowadays, most moms tackle the task of balancing their full time jobs and motherhood. They get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and to ensure that their kids are off to school. Then they come back home to cook dinner and hope against hope that they have enough energy to help their kids with homework. A the end of the day, there’s always some kind of guilt that they’ve missed something. There’s just no easy way to balance both.

Practical Tips For A Busy Mom

But definitely, there are some doable tips that can help working moms. Alisa Lewis is the founder of Sweet Peas & Stilettos, an online resource for busy moms. As a busy working mom herself, she has a good list of practical tips. Here they are.

Compartmentalize The Day

Alisa Lewis shares that the best way to manage time is to compartmentalize the day. This means focusing on what has to be done at the moment. So whether it’s time spent in the office or at home, compartmentalizing the day can definitely help busy moms with their multiple roles and tasks.

Outsource The Chores

Truth be told. There is no such thing as a Super Mom. It’s just not possible to do everything. Outsourcing the chores can really help lessen the burden of getting everything done within the day. So there’s really nothing wrong in asking for help. For example, hiring a personal assistant to do errands is one great way to relieve the stress of the day. Furthermore, hiring sitters can really help a busy mom stay sane.

Prepare For The Next Day

Nothing beats the feeling of preparedness. Even if it does not guarantee 100% sanity for the next day, it will sure lessen the burden. It’s always best to be prepared.

Get A Great Organizer

It’s best for a busy mom to have a great organizer. There is just no way she can rely on her memory. It’s best to list down the things to do. The day ahead seems to be more chaotic if all the tasks are not written down. Somehow, writing down the things to be done is one of the great ways to organize the day. It lessens the chaos and gives a good sense of direction for the day. Keeping a small organizer notebook or taking advantage of the smart phone planners is a great way to list down the things to do. These are amazing but simple ways to organize the hectic day ahead.

Let Go A Bit

This is the best tip for a busy mom. Letting go a bit means setting practical expectations for the day. A practical expectation is knowing the impossibility of getting everything done in just one day. So if things don’t turn out right for the day, it’s best for a busy mom to just let it go.

So with the practical tips mentioned above, it is possible to overcome the obstacles of a busy mom.