Privacy Policy

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Your Privacy Is Important Here

I am never too busy to be watchful of your personal information here on my website. That is precisely the reason why I have this policy on privacy. It is important you know how your personal information is collected and protected here.

If there are any personal information collected by my website, it would be your email address and IP address. Those are the only personal information ever collected by my website.

Here’s What Happens

I am able to get your IP address when you post a comment here on my website. I am able to see your IP address since I am the administrator of my website. Your IP address is a line of numbers that identifies the computer you are using in getting on my website. When you post a comment, your IP address is captured by my website.

Another way your IP address is captured is by way of some internet tool called cookies. These cookies are able to tell me what computer you are using. They are also able to tell me what internet network you are using. Once you are connected to the internet and your cookies are enabled, they can easily pick up your IP address.

So my suggestion is to turn off the cookies in your settings. Yes, you can actually turn them off or even clear them out. You just need to go to your browser settings to stop the cookies.

Another thing that happens when you post a comment or when you use my contact form is this; your email address is revealed. Yes, I am able to see your email address. You can’t submit your comment and contact form without your email address. Aside from your IP address, I am able to get your email address as well. So that is what happens when you get on my website.

What I do With Your Personal Information

I protect your personal information, there’s no doubt about that. I do not share one bit of information about you with other websites and other service providers. I would never do that.