Why I Think This One Site Is A Great Resource For Busy Moms

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sittercity-for-busy-momsI first heard about Sittercity and some really noteworthy reviews of Sittercity through some of the parents in my child’s school and decided to check it out. I thought that this might be a great resource in case I might need someone to watch over my kids in the event I need one.

I found the site to be very user friendly and easy-to-use. The thing I like about Sittercity is the ease of being able to search for a babysitter without the need to call family members or some friends for recommendations.

This online sitter service is really a super time-saver. It’s easy to conduct searches on the site and find someone that perfectly fits all my requirements for the sitter I need. That at least takes care of the prospecting part.

With regards to personal background checks, Sittercity also has partnered with third party affiliates to do the background checking. I can also peruse through personal feedback from people who have used a potential candidate.  These are truly helpful in finding the perfect sitter.

Amazingly, in a few simple and easy steps, I was able to easily gain access to all the profiles, credentials, as well as work experiences of potential sitter candidates. This was a great way to make some credible background evaluation on all the listed candidates.

I also love the fact that membership is very affordable, especially if you happen to score a Sittercity promotion code featured on any internet review site or coupon site. I think the price is really worth it considering the convenience that the service provides.

I site offers individual references and parent reviews so you safely can choose the best person for the job. What’s good is that Sittercity has a good number of qualified people at least in my area that matched my job requirements. You’ll never need to desperately waste a lot of time and effort in looking for the right child care provider.

Based on the reviews of Sittercity I came across, you will no longer find it very difficult to find a reliable sitter since many individuals who have knowledge in babysitting could be easily found on the website. The sitters on the site are very proactive especially when you post a job request so you will not find it very difficult to find and interview potential candidates.

What I liked about Sittercity is that the company gives priority to safety of the hiring family. For parents like me, the features of Sittercity such as a complete personal background and vehicle check on all prospective child care providers, is really worth it. Moreover, Sittercity collaborates closely with a company that easily permits you to look into official registries and databases to do an identification check on the listed applicants.

Sittercity is becoming increasingly popular simply because the site is a great approach to effortlessly search for sitters who can help you. Maybe you’re new in the neighborhood and don’t really have a long credible list of contacts who can babysit for you. Hiring quality childcare could really be an uphill climb. It, definitely, is not easy. In fact, it becomes pretty stressful. That is where Sittercity could come in.

As soon as you’re a member, you can search for child care providers within the comfort and ease of your home. It’s that convenient and easy.






Overcoming The Obstacles Of A Busy Mom

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busy-mom-01Nowadays, most moms tackle the task of balancing their full time jobs and motherhood. They get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast and to ensure that their kids are off to school. Then they come back home to cook dinner and hope against hope that they have enough energy to help their kids with homework. A the end of the day, there’s always some kind of guilt that they’ve missed something. There’s just no easy way to balance both.

Practical Tips For A Busy Mom

But definitely, there are some doable tips that can help working moms. Alisa Lewis is the founder of Sweet Peas & Stilettos, an online resource for busy moms. As a busy working mom herself, she has a good list of practical tips. Here they are.

Compartmentalize The Day

Alisa Lewis shares that the best way to manage time is to compartmentalize the day. This means focusing on what has to be done at the moment. So whether it’s time spent in the office or at home, compartmentalizing the day can definitely help busy moms with their multiple roles and tasks.

Outsource The Chores

Truth be told. There is no such thing as a Super Mom. It’s just not possible to do everything. Outsourcing the chores can really help lessen the burden of getting everything done within the day. So there’s really nothing wrong in asking for help. For example, hiring a personal assistant to do errands is one great way to relieve the stress of the day. Furthermore, hiring sitters can really help a busy mom stay sane.

Prepare For The Next Day

Nothing beats the feeling of preparedness. Even if it does not guarantee 100% sanity for the next day, it will sure lessen the burden. It’s always best to be prepared.

Get A Great Organizer

It’s best for a busy mom to have a great organizer. There is just no way she can rely on her memory. It’s best to list down the things to do. The day ahead seems to be more chaotic if all the tasks are not written down. Somehow, writing down the things to be done is one of the great ways to organize the day. It lessens the chaos and gives a good sense of direction for the day. Keeping a small organizer notebook or taking advantage of the smart phone planners is a great way to list down the things to do. These are amazing but simple ways to organize the hectic day ahead.

Let Go A Bit

This is the best tip for a busy mom. Letting go a bit means setting practical expectations for the day. A practical expectation is knowing the impossibility of getting everything done in just one day. So if things don’t turn out right for the day, it’s best for a busy mom to just let it go.

So with the practical tips mentioned above, it is possible to overcome the obstacles of a busy mom.



A Parenting Advice For Busy Moms

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family-quality-timeBusy moms need all the help and advice they can get. So here’s one parenting advice from a busy mom, Sheryl Crow.

Who doesn’t know Sheryl Crow? She is an American musician, singer, and song writer. He song, All I Wanna Do, form her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, became a big hit. She has sold millions of albums worldwide and has also appeared in television shows. In additional to that, she is a mom to young boys.

“The rocker has traded in her Tuesday Music Club for an easy like in Nashville with her two sons, six-year old, Wyatt and three-year old, Levi.”

Just like any other mom, her hands are full. With two young sons and a music career, one wonders how she does it.

This Celebrity Mom Says No

The thing about busy moms is that they all think they can do everything. But this busy mom is not afraid to say, “no”.

“Although she seems like she’s pretty laid back, this self-professed, quintessential working mom runs a pretty tight shift. Her advise for other moms, ‘Don’t be afraid to say no.’ ”

It’s hard for busy moms to say no. Somehow, they think they have all the power to do everything. They work full-time, do the household chores, and make sure the kids are taken care of. And when someone asks for a favor, a busy mom’s reply is no more than a one-liner that goes, “Sure, I’ll take care of it.”

Having said that, anyone would think that celebrity moms would have all the time, effort, and energy to do other things. But then, this is not the case for our celebrity mom, Sheryl Crow,

“They’d have to understand that somebody is in charge and sometimes the answer is no.”

Busy moms should learn how to say no.

She Prioritizes

Sheryl Crow prioritizes her time with her boys and chooses the organizations where she can devote some of her precious time to.

“But she still has a huge heart. Sheryl teamed up with Nutrition Mission, an organization that feeds millions of Americans in need. It’s that spirit of giving that she’s passing on to her kids especially during the holidays.”

This is a good food for thought for busy moms. It’s okay to say no and to prioritize certain tasks that are worth being part of. The key is to choose a task or maybe an organization that can have a good impact on the kids. This is the way Sheryl Crow is spending her time.

“I try to take my kids down to the food bank during Thanksgiving and Christmas so that they understand the impact of what it means to be part of a community and that you need to take care of each other.”

Surely, there’s a lot to learn from Sheryl Crow, a busy mom herself. It’s really all about prioritizing and choosing what’s best for the kids. Unfortunately, busy moms overlook what is good for the kids. With full time jobs and household chores, busy mom just get caught up in the web of doing things. Saying no certain things and focusing on what’s good for the kids can really make a huge difference in the life of a busy mom.




Five Amazing Apps For Busy Moms

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Technology has been making our lives a lot easier these days. We can get a lot of things done in a split of a second, thanks to technology. As a busy working mom, I have embraced all the conveniences of technology.

Getting More And More Dependent

I must admit that I am getting to be more and more dependent on my smart phone these days. But I really can’t help it. My smart phone is the ultimate device. Aside from connecting me to my kids whenever I’m in the office, my smart phone also gives me the information I need in such a short span of time.

It’s just simply amazing. The five apps I have in smart phone are just the perfect time-saving tools for a busy mom like me.

Go Anywhere With Goby

Goby can really help save some precious time especially when we’re out traveling.

“All you do is once you log in… it starts instantly giving you personalized recommendations for things near you. So we’re talking about hiking trails, children’s museums, yoga studios…so it’s got something for everyone.”

This is a perfect travel companion.

“Especially when you’re out of town and you don’t know the area.”

It keeps me in the know about places and events. It’s a big help especially when I’m out with the family. With Goby, we never run out of things to do and see.

Mom Maps For Kid-Friendly Places

This is a great resource most especially when I want to find the nearest park for my kids.

“This helps you find family-fun places, kid-friendly locations…so you can look for kids’ parks, kids’ playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and play areas.”

I just feel like this apps was made for me.

Hold The Line With Holdr

Here’s another amazing apps, Holdr.

“I love this one, Holdr. I hate waiting in the phone. I cannot handle it especially with three little kids. So it waits on hold for you.”

You get a callback from the agent. With Holdr, we don’t have to spend useless minutes on the phone just to get to speak to an agent. That’s a lot of pressure off me.

Great Recipes From DinnerSpinner

With this apps, you won’t have to worry about the next menu for dinner. You can get access to a vast collection of recipes with this apps.

“DinnerSpinner is part of something called Allrecipes. So if you’re in the grocery store and you need a quick way to figure out what you’re gonna make, you can type in an ingredient, you can shake your phone and it will give you some great ideas.”

I have to admit that our dinners are now exciting and yummy because of all the shaking I do with DinnerSpinner.

The Ultimate Connection: Baby Connect

This apps is heaven-sent.

“This works with your caregiver. So any time the caregiver gives your baby a bottle or the child wets the diaper …you get an alert on your phone that just happened. So you can constantly be up to date with what’s going on with your child and your caregiver.”

This apps really connects me to my sitter, giving me a hundred percent peace of mind.

All these apps are just amazing and perfect for busy moms like me. Who can blame me for depending on my smart phone?