Sittercity Is More Than Just Child Care

sittercity-best-sittersI definitely think that Sittercity is one of the best resources for child care. I can attest to this since I have gotten wonderful babysitters from this particular web-based child care service provider. But after some time with Sittercity, I have realized that it provides more than just child care. Since it’s a web-based service provider, I have learned a thing or two on how to protect myself from online activities.

It’s a known fact that babysitters from Sittercity have their own background check certificate that’s good for six months. As a parent, I appreciate this very much. But I also make sure to run an in-depth background check every time I hire a babysitter. I consider it an added protection. Running an in-depth background check on the applicants gives me assurance that I’m not hiring someone that has a criminal record.

I’m learning a lot more than that. With Sittercity, I’ve learned the absolute importance of carefully communicating online. Here are a couple of lessons I picked up over the years.

Communicate Only Through Sittercity

This is the number one rule that’s applicable for both the babysitters and the parents. There will be times when we, parents, will be tempted to communicate directly with the babysitter. This happens when familiarity has been established between the two parties.

The babysitters are briefed to communicate only through Sittercity. This standard practice of communication is for their protection. The same holds true for us, parents. As tempting as it maybe, we, parents, should only communicate through Sittercity. It’s an added layer of protection, which is a great feature as reported by very informative Sittercity reviews.

Give Details But Leave Out The Names

When I first started with Sittercity, one of the first things I learned was how to write a job post. But as I got the hang of doing it, I realized that certain information should be left out. For example, specific details like names and addresses should only be divulged to the hired applicant.

There will be a lot of responses from interested applicants, which was also reported by CXBaby babysitter articles that I came across. They will ask questions. We, parents, should be very careful with the personal information we intent to share with them. Over the years, I’ve learned to maximize all the screening tools Sittercity has to offer. Before getting with the applicants, I make sure to go over their profiles first.

As a member of Sittercity, I also have access to the reviews of other parents. I find this very useful in streamlining the applicants. This is one good example of how Sittercity protects parents like us.

Protect Personal Information

This is one basic rule to protect ourselves from the scammers online. I find this basic rule applicable every time I make use of the services of Sittercity.

The personal information I have in my Sittercity account is the only information I share with the babysitter. I don’t give out my other personal emails and mobile numbers. This way, she only coordinates with me through the personal information authorized by Sittercity. For me, this is very important. The communication line should only be through Sittercity, Before I forget, make sure to use a discount from Sittercity promo code offerings to save on your membership when you join Sittercity.

If I give out personal information, other than that the information I have in my account, I might end up dealing with some crazy emails. I don’t need that kind scenario. Over the years, Sittercity has protected my personal information. I appreciate that very much and that’s one of the reasons why I have stayed with Sittercity all these years.

I have learned all these things through my years with Sittercity. Hence, I can really say that Sittercity is a safe site to hire babysitters. It has gotten me to be more cautious with online communication. That’s enough for me to say that Sittercity goes beyond child care.

Medifast Helped My Friend Get Back Her Health

salad-part-of-medifast-mealThis is a guest post from my good friend Jackie. She wanted to share her experience with me and thought that others may learn from her experience. I truly found her story very inspiring and I hope you will find it inspiring too.

=== Jackie’s Post ===

There are several reasons why we all want to to lose weight and to live healthy. I have been struggling to lose weight for as long as I can remember. But every time I went on a diet, I always had a different reason why I wanted to lose some weight.

During my teenage years, my motivation to lose weight was to attract the opposite sex and to fit in fashionable, tight jeans. Such reasons were not sufficient enough to instill some discipline in my lifestyle. As it was, I resorted to some unhealthy weight loss techniques.

Then after college, I tried to lose weight again so that I could look good in the corporate suits. Of course, that was another diet failure. I did get a job but opted to wear slacks and loose blouses. Looking fashionably chic was something I just could not achieve.

Now, I am in my early 30’s. I desperately needed to level up my health habits. I am overweight by 32 pounds and I am starting to feel so depressed and hopeless. I guess, I have been trying to lose weight for all the wrong reasons that I need to really think about a health plan that I can stick to.

Then one night, I chanced upon an article on It talked about four valid reasons why dieting is important. These four reasons were:

• Weight Loss Management
• Medical Conditions
• Risk of Medical Conditions
• Self Confidence

After reading some success stories on people losing weight with the Medifast diet program and after carefully considering and reading a review of the Medifast diet, I made a decision to really take back my health. At this point in my life, weight management is not something that suits me. I am 32 pounds overweight. Hence, before I can manage my weight, I would have to drop some pounds first.

I am realizing now that I need to lose weight for me to become healthier. Sure the, physical attributes come with it. But I need to lose weight for myself and I plant to achieve this with the Medifast diet program. I need to be healthier so that I can feel great. I needed to have a healthier body so that I can also be more confident.

Contrary to what I had initially read about the Medifast program, I find this weight loss program to be very affordable, which was further confirmed by reviews on Medifast on 52SL. After making some comparisons with my regular meals, I found out that I was even saving on food cost with Medifast. I also made it a point to use new and valid Medifast coupons, which all the more made the program more affordable.

So far, I have been doing some great progress. After all those years of dieting, I am finally on a healthier path to weight loss. I feel good about it and it’s working. Finally, I have a good reason to lose weight.

A Parenting Advice For Busy Moms

family-quality-timeBusy moms need all the help and advice they can get. So here’s one parenting advice from a busy mom, Sheryl Crow.

Who doesn’t know Sheryl Crow? She is an American musician, singer, and song writer. He song, All I Wanna Do, form her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club, became a big hit. She has sold millions of albums worldwide and has also appeared in television shows. In additional to that, she is a mom to young boys.

“The rocker has traded in her Tuesday Music Club for an easy like in Nashville with her two sons, six-year old, Wyatt and three-year old, Levi.”

Just like any other mom, her hands are full. With two young sons and a music career, one wonders how she does it.

This Celebrity Mom Says No

The thing about busy moms is that they all think they can do everything. But this busy mom is not afraid to say, “no”.

“Although she seems like she’s pretty laid back, this self-professed, quintessential working mom runs a pretty tight shift. Her advise for other moms, ‘Don’t be afraid to say no.’ ”

It’s hard for busy moms to say no. Somehow, they think they have all the power to do everything. They work full-time, do the household chores, and make sure the kids are taken care of. And when someone asks for a favor, a busy mom’s reply is no more than a one-liner that goes, “Sure, I’ll take care of it.”

Having said that, anyone would think that celebrity moms would have all the time, effort, and energy to do other things. But then, this is not the case for our celebrity mom, Sheryl Crow,

“They’d have to understand that somebody is in charge and sometimes the answer is no.”

Busy moms should learn how to say no.

She Prioritizes

Sheryl Crow prioritizes her time with her boys and chooses the organizations where she can devote some of her precious time to.

“But she still has a huge heart. Sheryl teamed up with Nutrition Mission, an organization that feeds millions of Americans in need. It’s that spirit of giving that she’s passing on to her kids especially during the holidays.”

This is a good food for thought for busy moms. It’s okay to say no and to prioritize certain tasks that are worth being part of. The key is to choose a task or maybe an organization that can have a good impact on the kids. This is the way Sheryl Crow is spending her time.

“I try to take my kids down to the food bank during Thanksgiving and Christmas so that they understand the impact of what it means to be part of a community and that you need to take care of each other.”

Surely, there’s a lot to learn from Sheryl Crow, a busy mom herself. It’s really all about prioritizing and choosing what’s best for the kids. Unfortunately, busy moms overlook what is good for the kids. With full time jobs and household chores, busy mom just get caught up in the web of doing things. Saying no certain things and focusing on what’s good for the kids can really make a huge difference in the life of a busy mom.

Busy Moms Stay In Great Shape With Bistro MD

bistro-md-healthy-mealLet’s face it, we, moms, are always busy. As a super busy mom, every waking second in a day matters for me. I really can’t afford to waste any time.

So suffice it to say, everything is fast-paced for me. The minute I get up from bed, I am rushing to get breakfast done and get the kids to school. So in between those tasks, I end up picking up the most convenient and edible piece of food to fill me up for the day.

Of course, that’s a very bad habit that I’ve developed over the years. That’s the reason why I’m seriously sticking it out with Bistro MD nowadays. By the way, this Bistro MD is a weight loss diet recommendation. You can also check out their Diet to Go reviews in case you would like to learn more about that diet.

Why I Chose Bistro MD

There are a lot of weight loss programs, no doubt. But I’m quite happy with my choice which obviously is Bistro MD. First of all Bistro MD is more than a weight loss program. It’s also a diet delivery service which means that all the meals are delivered to me. Second of all, Bistro MD seems to be the most affordable diet delivery service around based on my experience and based on some Bistro MD reviews I’ve seen. Every cent counts for me. So obviously, I’m not just a busy mom; I’m also a very practical one at that.

Since each and every Bistro MD meal is prepared for me, I need not have to worry about preparing each one. I also don’t have to worry about the calories because the calories have already been controlled. The pre-portioned meals I get help me lose weight safely. This particular diet delivery service fits right into my fact-paced lifestyle. Soon as the kids are gone, all I need to do is heat a meal dish in the oven and I’m all set. It’s just so easy for me now, I can’t believe it. With all the wonderful meals from Bistro MD, I know that I’ve made the right choice.

I Like What I’m Seeing And Feeling

Actually, I’ve just started with Bistro MD diet. To be exact, I’ve just been on it for a month and a half. But I’m feeling some kind of positive transformation. It must be the vitamins and nutrients that I’m getting from the meals of Bistro MD. Now that my body is taking in more vitamins and nutrients (a far cry from all the peanut butter sandwiches it had been used to), I feel more energetic and less stressed. I just love it.

I’m also looking forward to seeing a lighter me in the coming months. Although, I have lost about five pounds already, I am really looking forward to seeing a lighter and happier me. I know that’s all possible with Bistro MD.

No More Excuses For Busy Moms

Now that I’ve discovered Bistro MD, I see no reason why I should just settle for anything edible in the kitchen. Bistro MD gives me all the healthy and great tasting food I deserve. The good thing about is that I don’t need to go through the whole nine yards to eat amazing dishes. I’m just really glad there’s Bistro MD for busy moms like me. It can help me get back to shape and eventually, help me stay in shape as well.

Why I Think Sittercity Is A Great Resource For Busy Moms

sittercity-for-busy-momsI first heard about Sittercity through some of the parents in my child’s school and decided to check it out. I thought that this might be a great resource in case I might need someone to watch over my kids in the event I need one.

I found the site to be very user friendly and easy-to-use. The thing I like about Sittercity is the ease of being able to search for a babysitter without the need to call family members or some friends for recommendations.

This online sitter service is really a super time-saver. It’s easy to conduct searches on the site and find someone that perfectly fits all my requirements for the sitter I need. That at least takes care of the prospecting part.

With regards to personal background checks, Sittercity also has partnered with third party affiliates to do the background checking. I can also peruse through personal feedback from people who have used a potential candidate.  These are truly helpful in finding the perfect sitter.

Amazingly, in a few simple and easy steps, I was able to easily gain access to all the profiles, credentials, as well as work experiences of potential sitter candidates. This was a great way to make some credible background evaluation on all the listed candidates.

I also love the fact that membership is very affordable, especially if you happen to score a Sittercity promotion code featured on any internet review site or coupon site. I think the price is really worth it considering the convenience that the service provides.

I site offers individual references and parent reviews so you safely can choose the best person for the job. What’s good is that Sittercity has a good number of qualified people at least in my area that matched my job requirements. You’ll never need to desperately waste a lot of time and effort in looking for the right child care provider.

Based on the reviews of Sittercity I came across, you will no longer find it very difficult to find a reliable sitter since many individuals who have knowledge in babysitting could be easily found on the website. The sitters on the site are very proactive especially when you post a job request so you will not find it very difficult to find and interview potential candidates.

What I liked about Sittercity is that the company gives priority to safety of the hiring family. For parents like me, the features of Sittercity such as a complete personal background and vehicle check on all prospective child care providers, is really worth it. Moreover, Sittercity collaborates closely with a company that easily permits you to look into official registries and databases to do an identification check on the listed applicants.

Sittercity is becoming increasingly popular simply because the site is a great approach to effortlessly search for sitters who can help you. Maybe you’re new in the neighborhood and don’t really have a long credible list of contacts who can babysit for you. Hiring quality childcare could really be an uphill climb. It, definitely, is not easy. In fact, it becomes pretty stressful. That is where Sittercity could come in.

As soon as you’re a member, you can search for child care providers within the comfort and ease of your home. It’s that convenient and easy.

Finding The Right Pediatric Dentist On Angie’s List

angies-list-reviews-pediatric-dentistsKids are usually scared to go to the dentist. They think of all the excuses just so they end up NOT going to the dentist.

This is why parents should take some time to learn about their kids’ oral hygiene. It’s really not just about brushing the teeth. Oral hygiene is a habit that every kid should practice. That’s one good reason as to why it should be taught early to kids.

Why Parents Should Consider Pediatric Dentistry

According to Angie’s List reviews healthcare providers, pediatric dentists can help parents instill the value of oral hygiene to kids. Introducing a pediatric dentist to a kid can help diagnose, treat, and prevent all kinds of oral problems in the future.

A pediatric dentist is most needed when the first tooth erupts. At this time, the kid is just about six months. This is contrary to what some people think that kids don’t need any dental attention up until their permanent teeth are all out.

Pediatric dentists can take care of the temporary teeth, monitor the growth of the permanent teeth, and deal with other oral issues of the child. Pediatric dentists can also teach the kids how to take care of their teeth, something that should be instilled at a very early age. Such is why parents should really consider pediatric dentistry.

A Good Way To Start Kids Early

Taking the kids to a pediatric dentist is a good way to start off the kids. First of all, the kids will not develop any fear of the dentist since a bond has been created already. Angie’s List reiterates that a good pediatric dentist can deal with any fear problem any kid may have on the dental chair. Furthermore, a good pediatric dentist should also be able to relate to the child. This builds a good sense of trust between the pediatric dentist and the child. With all those in place, the child is off to a good start with oral hygiene.

Where To Find The Right Pediatric Dentist

So it’s really a must for parents to take their kids to a pediatric dentist. But choosing the right pediatric dentist can take a lot of time. According to guide on service providers, first and foremost, it won’t be easy finding one since it’s a specialized field for children. Any serious and loving parent will definitely not resort to searching on the yellow pages or the internet to find just any kind of pediatric dentist.

Finding the right pediatric dentist means going through a lot of recommendations from friends and family. But that would only be a very limited resource for finding the right pediatric dentist.

Angie’s List Can Help

Angie’s List suggests that parents go over the listing of pediatric dentists provided by their health care plans. From there, they can check the qualifications and educational background of a particular pediatric dentist on Angie’s List. Other important aspects such as location of the clinic are also provided on Angie’s List. These are important aspects to consider most especially if the parent is torn between two pediatric dentists that seem to fit the bill. Use this Angie’s List promo code discount when you sign up for a membership.

But here’s the most important thing about Angie’s List. Parents can also put together a credible database of information from the reviews of other parents on all the pediatric dentists listed on Angie’s List. This definitely widens the scope for finding the right pediatric dentist for the kids.